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Cheif Creative Operator

Kara Ray, MFA, is a California born and raised futurist involved, interested and competent in all aspects of the creative process, starting with regenerative social ecology, rooting in community and expanding through local and global development, social enterprise for overall societal health and wellness.

As a professional photographer, creative director, published author, artist and teacher, she advocates for optimal human performance and development. Kara lives her personal and professional life immersed in the here and now, cultivating deep knowingness of self. She loves exploring the human condition, human interaction, human connection, embodiment and communication. 

By the time she was 22, Kara had been to around 30 countries. A seeker of truth and understanding difference, she has a integrated and kind way of navigating human dynamic and loves to strategize and implement dynamic solutions for business, marketing, advertising, branding, human development and the evolution and growth of self and other.

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